About Equine Osteopathy

What is Equine Osteopathy?

Equine osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that provides a holistic look at your horse. It works with the structure and function and looks at the whole body unity of the horse. Keeping these principles and philosophies in mind it provides a gentle and effective form of treatment, to remove pain and discomfort and restore movement and function.

Equine osteopathy is a system of assessment and treatment used for a wide range of conditions and general maintenance. It is the application of manual therapy using the principles and philosophies of human osteopathy, to help restore the body to a state of ‘balance.’ It is adapted to the unique make up of a horse.

Equine osteopathy works with veterinary medicine to help horses stay healthy and work efficiently with all of the unnatural demands that are placed on them. It involves hands on approach using a wide range of techniques to help increase mobility, relieve muscle tension and pain, restore joint function, enhance blood and nerve supply and improve drainage.

No treatment is a substitute for full veterinary care