About Mark

Mark is an Australian trained osteopath who has been working in practice for 9 years now. He was introduced to the equine field while living in the Middle East 5 years ago. Gaining vast knowledge from practitioners from all around the world. He recently moved to South East Queensland to finish his studies in Animal Bio-Mechanical Medicine and continue his work as an equine osteopath.

What is Animal Bio-Mechanical Medicine?
This was formerly Veterinary Chiropractic studied at RMIT University in Melbourne. After a brief hiatus it re-emerged under the new name of Animal Bio-Mechanical Medicine at Box Hill Institute in Melbourne. This involves 2 years postgraduate study for veterinarians, chiropractors and osteopaths for the treatment of horses, dogs and a range of different animals. Using the principles and philosophies of chiropractors, osteopaths and veterinarians, a broad knowledge and understanding of animals is achieved. The ideas shared give a large toolbox of techniques used to establish the best outcome for the patient at hand. This can involve any sport modality involving animals and treatment of the rider as well, in the case of the horse.