About Canine Osteopathy

Animal osteopathy is a form of manual therapy using the principles and philosophies of human osteopathy and applying it directly to animals. One form of this is the application of osteopathic assessment, findings and treatment to dogs, named canine osteopathy.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and many breeds can show different issues for a variety of reasons. Their background and use as a pet can be an indication to things they can present with. That being racing, working, temperament, herding, show, hunting and so on. Some breeds have more stresses imposed on them than others.

Some visible signs can be shown by:

 Limping, lameness or uneven steps
 Problems sitting standing lying or changing position
 Difficulties getting in and out of car
 Pain when touched
 Obvious discomfort
 Change in temperament
 Digestive problems
 Rehabilitation from surgery or trauma
 Joint pain, age, general well-being
 Performance/posture issues
 Recent trauma

No treatment is a substitute for full veterinary care