Your Treatment

Equine osteopathy services horses of every discipline and involves a hand on approach using a wide range of techniques. Such as neuromuscular manipulation, trigger point therapy, structural manipulation, massage, dry needling, stretching and more. These can help increase mobility, relieve muscle tension and pain, restore joint function, enhance blood and nerve supply and improve drainage.
This may take up to 45 minutes.

Discomfort can be shown by:

Behaviour – Bucking, rearing, kicking, bolting
 Refusing to jump
 Injuries from insult
 Gait problems – Tracking/stride
 Back disorders
 Head shaking
 Resistance when being tied up
 Reduced performance
 Stiffness/tightness throughout body
 Difficulty having feet picked up
 Obvious discomfort/flinching when groomed
 Avoiding load/saddle

Also the rider is taken into account and their effect on the horse. Each horse is assessed individually and can be done in its own stable.
A systematic treatment approach involves:

 Locomotion/gait assessment
 Posture/conformation assessment
 Active and passive range of motion
 Massage, structural and neuromuscular manipulation, stretching, trigger point therapy, dry needling and other techniques that may be indicated for use.

You will be handed a form at the end of the treatment with an outlined description of what was treated, how it was treated and further work to be done.

It must be noted that for the most effective treatment, the horse must not be wet.  No treatment is a substitute for full veterinary care